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Security Guards

The no-nonsense approach in ensuring safety and security

Our security personnel undergoes premium training where they are equipped and educated in all areas of security work allowing them to carry out their assignments with confidence and diligence creating a peace of mind for our clients.

Close-in for VIPs

Feel safe anywhere you go

Our security personnel are capable and trained to allow VIPs to roam around wherever with confidence.

Security Consultation

Customized for your needs and wants

We provide customization for our prospect clients through security surveys and audits allowing us to assess the risks of our clients assets that are exposed. Afterwards, we review and form the proper measures to protect these assets and mitigate liability.


Tell us what you need to know

We provide background and private investigation to assess and review credentials of a person making sure that our clients are informed of the truths and facts before making decisions to hire, invest or commit to their respective actions.


Education comes first

In partnership with PRIMEGEN Training School, Inc., we provide training for those aspiring to be security guards equipping them with the knowledge and know-how skills which will allow them to quality and perform their tasks.

Event Security

Event security is the type of service you can opt for while organizing an event to take care of the safety and security aspects of the event venue. The event security BENMAN Integrated Security Services Corp. enhances the experience of the guests present at the event. These services take care of the various aspects of security strategies, risk assessments, thereat and vulnerability protection, and much more. The professionals of the security service are trained to act in emergency situations and bring the situation under control in proper order.