Teleperformance Partnership

Nov 10, 2022

BENMAN Integrated Security Services Corp (BISSC) was established in the early part of 2015 and properly accomplished all requirements asked by the PNP-SOSIA from the license to operate down to all necessary licenses of all personnel related to the agency. BISSC offers specialized and reliable services in the security arena. Moreover, the training of every security personnel is tailored to fit the client�s explicit needs and interests to ensure quality and effective security services.

It was established to address the significant weaknesses and inadequacies in the country�s security and protection industry both in the public and private sectors in terms of professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction. With this, BISSC can greatly contribute to the overall peace and order situation of the whole country and at the same time help in the improvement of the national economy.

The owners believe that professional, dedicated, honest, prompt, snappy at the same time polite, helpful and cheerful security personnel aided with innovative security technology can deliver an effective and quality service to the clients.

With a starting capital of over a million pesos, BISSC has procured several equipment that would support the needs of its security personnel in the area of capability. Furthermore, substantial investment is also allocated for additional seminar being conducted by retired Police General to promote consistency and effective work of the securit personnel before deployment.